Under Her Skin - Susan Mallery Even though it's hard to feel bad for the daughter(s) of a rich guy, I still felt for Lexi. I applauded her drive to prove herself, even if it was originally to just "win" her father's praise. I thought Cruz's drive to "get into society" was kinda dumb, but after how he grew up and how successful he'd become, I suppose that was the next logical step. I'm going to have to read/listen to the others now because there were things with Garth that weren't resolved in this one. Plus Skye is just crying out to be loved. And there's definitely something going on with Izzy that she's so crass sometimes. Plus Dana the friend. I thought this was a fun beginning to a series, and I thought the character development for Lexi and Cruz was done pretty well. There were several times my heart was crushing when certain things happened. And I think I want to give Manny a kiss for pushing Cruz until he "got it". Finally!