Tramp Stamp Club: How It All Began (Erotica / Femdom / Erotic Romance / Oral Sex / Dominatrix) - Laura Cooper While I understand why portions needed to be skipped, the time-frame skipping sometimes confused me. First we're introduced to Evangeline and the island home. Then we skip to Evangeline's husband and Ellen's father's funeral, where Ellen and Jonathan become reacquainted. Then a bit about their odd courtship, including Jonathan's initiation into a secret society. Then how the Tramp Stamp club was formed. Then a scene about publishing all the secrets years later. The head hopping was a little confusing as well. One paragraph, we're reading Jonathan's thoughts. The next, we're reading Ellen's thoughts. Sometimes I had to pause to figure out from whose perspective I was reading.

I didn't get why Ellen started to lose her dominant characteristics, or maybe it just felt that way to me. After Jonathan's initiation, he seemed to take control, or at least somewhat. She even mentions how she doesn't feel dominant with this man. But why, if she felt dominant with every other man, did she give that up for him? It wasn't really discussed, it just was. And then at the end, she seems to have the upper hand again?

I do envy Ellen's freedom with her body and her sexuality. I suppose maybe I envied Elise as well. I don't however, believe she could have taken her husband in the ass in front of all of those people with no preparation. There was no discussion of lubrication, whether it was from his dick or lubrication she applied.

But at the same time I envied Elise, I sort of pitied her husband. I guess I pitied all of the husbands. They were basically giving their wives the right to fuck other men, which I suppose is their choice. It was just uncomfortable to me as a reader. I didn't expect that. And making Alan watch his sister and brother-in-law? That's just squicky. Even if his brother-in-law was with a different woman, it puts Alan in a precarious position.

So my thoughts about this are maybe a little jumbled. It wasn't a GREAT read for me. Parts of it weren't even hot for me. But I'll try reading the other one.