Water for Elephants - Sara Gruen Well I honestly had no real idea of what this was about before listening to it. I knew it was a bestseller. I knew it's being made into a movie. But I really didn't know much beyond that. Listening to it, I have to say that both of the narrators did an excellent job, both the young Jacob and the old Jacob. The old Jacob made me want to go visit a retirement home, just to listen to another generation speak about their lives. And he made me never want to get old. It seems such a bleak existence. Listening had its downsides -- sometimes I missed what I felt were crucial bits of information. But overall, it was a great story. I wonder if things really happened the way it happened with this circus way back when. The acquisition of animals, people, train cars... red-lighting people. Sounds like such a horrible thing, but then I guess that was the Depression. Those poor animals. Those poor people! I even felt a little bit bad for August. But only a little bit. LOVED Rosie though. A lot of gumption in that elephant!