One Spark - Ava McKnight There was a little bit of f/f here, but not much. It was really just a catalyst for a married couple to work out some issues. I found it a little bit difficult to feel bad for a woman who has a Harvard law degree who stays home in a beautiful home with a maid because her husband feels she shouldn't work. BUT at the same time, I know every woman wants to be desired by her husband, and she was beginning to question that due to his intense career path. She supported his goals, but just missed him in bed. So roommate from college with whom she fooled around in college drops by unexpectedly, and together they scratch that intimacy itch. Dear husband catches them and is pissed off. But then they talk, he realizes he's been neglecting her sexually, and they make up with lots of sex. So that part was really sweet. It's nice to see a couple who have been married for a long time still desiring each other and only having eyes for each other.