Inescapable - Saskia Walker This had an interesting setup. Sex chat buddies decide to meet in real life, about the time he turns to the police with evidence of wrongdoing by one of his clients. The day they set up to meet, he is going into witness protection, so an officer is with him. She thinks Seth is her sex chat buddy, Adrian, and starts kissing him. Right about now, someone attempts to kill Adrian, and Lily realizes her mistake because now she sees Adrian. But because she got a good look at the shooter, she has to go into protective custody now as well. Once at the safe house and a little more interaction between Seth and Lily, Lily cooks dinner for them. After dinner, since Adrian knows Lily has a fantasy of being watched, having chatted about it, and feeling the sexual tension between the three of them, he orchestrates the first joining between them. And it just goes from there. Very sexy with an HEA.