Three to Tango - Chloe Cole,  L.C. Chase So this was a sweet, sexy little read. Jace and Melody have been BFFs for forever. Jace is gay. They took in a third to help with rent, and both have decided to go after him -- Jace thinking Alec is straight. Almost immediately, we learn Alec is bi, but neither Jace nor Melody knows this. And he doesn't want to screw up what he thinks is the best living relationship he's been in by going for either one of them, even though he was attracted to both from the beginning. Once he realizes they are into him, he decides they all need to be together. (Oh, and Alec thinks that Jace and Melody love each other more than friends, but have just been repressing it.) So begins a delicate dance of lust, trying not to ruin a decades long friendship, but trying to get everyone what they want/need. And I think it was done very well. I'm sure plenty of girls who have gorgeous gay BFFs have wondered if maybe, just maybe, they could have sex, lol. I doubt that it's very common for the gay guy to ACTUALLY have feelings for the girl. Gay is gay. But hey, if guys can repress their homosexual selves, maybe gay guys can repress hetero feelings as well? Anyhoo... it was a cute story. Lots of sex, including m/m.