Unfolding - Selena Kitt If you don't like to read about anal sex, don't read this book. If you do like to read about anal sex, this is the book for you. Because there is lots and lots of it. I think the plot of this book was to see how far a married couple would go.

I thought it was incredibly hot, from the first shower scene, with him coaxing her into something new, to the end. There were things about it that made me uncomfortable -- He had her bent over the bed with the glass butt plug inserted and he answered the door for room service and invited the guy in. I'm still not sure WHY she remained on the bed with her butt in the air, but I really think hubs should have told her he was planning to expose her to another person like that. He also seemed kind of heavy handed about things, like making her wear the slutty outfits, making her show herself off behind the lace, the live web cam thing... -- but if she didn't get mad about it, I guess I can't either. My husband and I would be having words over some of what happened. And some of the stuff I might have flat out refused to do. But ultimately, she really got off on it, so I guess that's what matters.

One of the last things they did -- double-anal penetration -- I totally didn't get, but that's only because I can't imagine it would be in the least bit pleasurable.

So anyhoo... nobody writes smut or smut dialogue like Selena Kitt. This one might be in the reread pile for me!