Dark Prince - Christine Feehan I listened to this, which might have been some of my problem. The narrator was OK, but she did so many things that drove me nuts: across was pronounced acrost, wan was pronounced "wain", lots of odd pronouncements. Also, the way she did Mikhail's voice, he seemed so forceful all the time, when I'm thinking at times, he was gentler than how he was portrayed. As for the story, it was an interesting story. First books always have a lot of world-building and character introductions. I'm not sure I have all of the Carpathians straight. But one thing that drove me nuts with the writing was the use of erotic. There were so many passages something like this: , and erotic... "His kiss was sweet, erotic." "His gaze was dark, erotic." Things like that. And every command was imperious. Now, I'm all for building my vocabulary, so I'm glad to have a new word to wield, but I really got tired of every command being imperious. So, since I listened to this, I'm going to give the second one a try reading it. Maybe I'll feel differently about the series if I read it instead of hear it.