RiverTime - Rae Renzi This was a sweet story. As long as I suspend reality, lol. Which I did! It's unrealistic that a beautiful scientist would completely ignore pop culture, especially when her focus is in film. Granted, it was older film, but still. I loved how Jack and Casey's relationship built. All her ideas about what he did for a living (professional gigolo, ha!) were hilarious, and I completely understand him not wanting to come out and say it. If she didn't know who he was, and he wanted to escape for a while, it was the perfect scenario for Jack. Their Rivertime wedding was so sweet. My heart broke for them when Rivertime was over and she finally realized who he was and believed their lives couldn't possibly mesh as a result. I wanted to smack her for marrying Reed. Regardless of what she thought about Jack and his messy relationship, she never should have married Reed. Again, I have a hard time believing that a scientist would just somehow agree that a partnership (not a love match) would be a good idea. But whatever. I loved how Jack pursued her and how he tried to be aware of how his life would affect her. Man, Jack was patient!! I wanted to scream at all the roadblocks that came up in their relationship. I wanted to throttle Reed for how he played the "don't be like your father" card and how HE called the press to her house because he thought she'd run right back to him for help. Jackass. But I loved the bigamy slant at the end -- gotta love lawyers sometimes, lol. I also loved that Casey was able to overcome her fear of the press. A lot of this was contrived, and it wasn't steamy in the least, but it was still such a sweet love story. I'm a sucker for HEAs and this had a good one.