Creative License - Lynne Roberts While this wasn't a long story, I think the characters were done very well for a short-ish story. The premise is that a blue-blood attorney-to-be runs into an Adonis-like artist in Vegas and they hit it off in a big way. Lily's life has been planned in her mind since she turned 16 and it never involved getting married after one night in Vegas. It involved whatever her parents/her society deemed appropriate... what was expected. So Lily and Caleb file the paperwork to get the marriage annulled, but for some reason, it doesn't get filed. Three years later, Caleb's benefactor discovers the marriage and wants to meet his "wife". So she agrees to go there for a weekend and pretend for his benefit.

The sparks, as in Vegas, were instantaneous on both sides. Once she gave into them, they had some scorching scenes. And some very tender ones. When she left to go back to her life, as was previously agreed to, she started questioning why her life was planned as it was. Would she ever be happy? Would she find love like she finally admitted she had with Caleb? She was attracted to a man who would likely be her husband, but they had never had what she shared with Caleb. And considering the world she lived in, she began to have a bleak outlook for her future.

My heart broke for both of them when she left. It broke for her after hearing she had dived into her work when she returned to her job just so she didn't have enough time to think about their time together. And what she knew she'd be missing. And I was crying tears of joy when she made the right choice.

So seeing as I cared enough to shed a couple of tears for the characters, I think this was a well-done, short-ish read. I would look for more from this author.