The Help - Kathryn Stockett What a great story. I got this on audio with one of my sign-up Audible credits. I wasn't sure what it was about, just that I had heard really good things about it. I'm sure I would have enjoyed the book, but on audio it was fabulous. The narrators were perfect in their roles and sucked me in from the get go. I found myself hurting for the maids and what they had to listen to/put up with. I found myself awed at how clean those houses must have been (cleaning the top of the refrigerator every Tuesday or whatever?). I found myself so proud of Skeeter for seeing there could/should be another way. I loved how Aibileen just wanted to love the kiddos and teach them to be kind. And I loved her "secret" stories with May Mobly. I loved Minny's strength and her sassy mouth. It still boggles my mind that these white people would entrust their children to someone they wouldn't even share a toilet or glass with. Not that the maids were not trustworthy or even unclean, but if the help have "diseases" (still cringe at that comment), why would you let them near your kids??

This book didn't end like I wanted. I wanted Hilly to fall hard by the end. She didn't, but I think her actions made people who followed her open their eyes. I wanted more of her friends to turn against her, too. I also wanted Stuart to come back and say he didn't care what people were saying, but he didn't. In a way, the book ended well for all involved. It wasn't without some heartache, but I think the ending set them up for better things to come.