Love Slave for Two - Tymber Dalton First off, I'm from the Tampa area, so it was fun reading about the places they went. With that out of the way, I though it was a very sweet read overall. I loved how they coddled her and spoiled her and made sure she was OK after her experience with her ex. I loved how she completed them in ways they didn't even know were missing. I didn't like how Tyler planned everything out. I mean hell, she could have had Tyler a while before she actually did, if they'd just gone with the flow! Thomas, too! But at the same time, I understand why Tyler felt everything had to be perfect. Poor guy... someone(s) must have put him through the wringer for him to be the way he is. I couldn't believe it was about halfway through before something actually happened between the three! And I loved how smart she was, about Thomas' company, about Tyler's motivations and expected actions. I *loved* how she brought them back together. Smart cookie. But overall, it was a good story and I enjoyed it.