Lovely Wicked - Kari Gregg OK, generally I really liked this book. The ONE part that got to me was when he was smacking her thighs. She was crying HARD -- granted, not using her safe word -- but he just kept on. I mean I dunno... it just seemed like he was beating her. And he was so dominant that I didn't feel she had a snowball's chance in hell of fighting most of the stuff he wanted that she initially wasn't comfortable with. And again, granted she went through with them and ultimately felt liberated by having participated. I just felt like he came on SO strong!

But overall, this was squish-tacular. So freaking hot. I love menage and often I read mmf so it's not like this was my first introduction to m/m interaction, but there were so many parts that focused on it. I can see where it might be attractive to read completely m/m. I'm still not there. I still liked it better when they were all three together. But those m/m parts were certainly squishy!!

I loved how the book ended. My heart was breaking for them when she lost the baby and it seemed like she was pulling away from him after. My heart broke when she caught him with his step-mother and just left. And he thought she would leave him permanently. She was one tough cookie! Extremely resilient, from her upbringing to the things he pushed her into, to coming back and sort of resolving things at the end.

And I loved Artie. We didn't get much of him, but that man had a heart of gold every time we did.

Great book, through and through. (Except that one part that read like abuse to me.)