The Sweetest Tattoo  - Cameron Dane I'm a sucker for friends to lovers stories, but this was friends to lovers with a twist. It was more like frenemies to lovers, at least on her side. He was her twin brother's best friend. They sort of grew up together because of John's parents -- he spent more time at their home than his own because of a rough family life. And along the way he fell in love, but didn't think he had a shot so he never pursued it. And she has a mouth on her and they fought constantly, even about stupid things. It seemed like the classic pulling-the-hair-of-the-girl-you-like childish stuff, but that was their life. She is on the larger side, and he's perfect, so she thinks she couldn't possibly fit into his concept of an ideal woman. But boy things change. It was so sweet how patient he was with her. And even though I get tired of hearing whiny female inner dialogue, I could totally see why Kelsie felt the way she did. Super freaking hot sex, too!