Lifting the Veil (Temptation Unveiled Series #1) - R. G. Alexander Great story. I loved learning about the Lycoan myth. I never knew the origins of the word "lycan". It was also interesting to think of the Greek gods as aliens. There was discussion of the struggle between Enlil and Enki, from Sumerian mythology. Merlin and Nimue and Danu from Irish/Celtic mythology. There were fae, shapeshifters, lycans... it was chock full of paranormal goodness. And a nice love story/mate-finding thrown in. It's R.G. Alexander, so there was sex of course, but it was pretty tame compared to some of her books. And it was actually sweet. There were periods of humor as well. Loved Sheridan, but then I like snark.

I really hope Ms. Alexander continues this story. The next portion of the prophecy was revealed at the end, and it was very intriguing.