Baumgartner Generations: Henry (Baumgartners, #4) - Selena Kitt I totally loved this one. Henry is totally a great, stand-up guy, despite how he got through school before getting to college, lol. I loved how concerned he was about the women in his life -- he wasn't into just screwing for the act of screwing. Don't get me wrong, he's a healthy 19-year-old boy with healthy appetites, he's just not looking for a hole, any hole will do. Which made me love him. The fraternity pledge scene seemed to drag on a bit, but I suppose that was sort of the purpose, lol. Overall, it was a great story. Of course, it's a Selena Kitt story, so there's sex, but it was the perfect amount and the perfect type for Henry. And, oddly for a Baumgartner story, no threesome scenes! There was mild exhibitionism, but no actual multi-partner participation.