Pleasure - Eric Jerome Dickey This was a group read, or I probably would not have chosen to read it. That said, I had a lot of trouble getting into it. For more than half the book, I had no investment in any of the characters. I didn't care about the sights and geography of Atlanta. I didn't care about the route it takes to get from Atlanta to North Carolina, or all the specific places they saw once in North Carolina. The whole thing with Mark and Karl was messed up, and I don't mean because they were having a threesome. One was married, the other wasn't available, but I guess that's what she was looking for. They had major sibling rivalry issues.

I didn't care about the story until Nia was confronted, and then it got very interesting learning the history of the brothers and why Mark's marriage was so crappy and why Karl was unattainable.

I like a happy ending, and while Nia maybe "found herself" through her experiences, I didn't feel fulfilled by the ending. I realize she couldn't continue with Karl and Mark, but I had hoped she might sort of "tame" Karl. Although that would create extremely odd family occasions, lol. And I knew she couldn't go back to Logan (pathetic putz). But I had hoped she'd find her someone.