Marly's Choice - Lora Leigh I want to know why everyone was so angry all the time and why all of the reactions were like caricatures of normal reactions? So extreme! And I think because of all the anger (mostly Cade at himself and any other male, lol), the sex just wasn't as fun to read as some stuff I've read. It was just angry sex. There was only a small part where it was nice, caressing, comfy sex. I'm not saying it always has to be soft... I don't mind an alpha, but the whole thing was him dominating her. I remember reading a while back about her drawing the line with Tara, but forgot about it until I read it. How dare they? How presumptive is that? "You took me and my brother so now you MUST want to be with a girl." Uh, what? Where is the logic in that? I didn't hate the book, but it was far from one of my favorites. And I'll keep reading the series since I invested the time in the first one. :-) And I want to find out ultimately who is behind Jack going to the ranch and is going to cause trouble for Brock and what happened. I'm thinking it's probably their trainer, but that's just a SWAG.