Nauti and Wild - Lora Leigh, Jaci Burton *Very mild spoilers included*

I really enjoyed both stories. I haven't read any Jaci Burton -- I bought the book for the Nauti story -- but I'm going to have to now.

The Nauti story felt too short, but at the same time, it was supposed to be short. As with all the other Nauti books, it was hot, but not as hot, and I think that's just because of the length. I have to say John's was the most romantic proposal I have ever read. I LOVED it. If the story had been a bit longer and we saw more of this uber-romantic side of John, John may have replaced Alex as my favorite from this series.

The Wild Riders story, like I said, was my first taste of Jaci Burton. I liked it. When they were about to fool around at Joey's party, I was thinking it was too soon... I'm glad Rick felt that way, too. :-) Or at least he recognized that subconsciously Ava wasn't ready yet. And I loved that while Rick didn't think he knew how to love, he fell hard for Ava. And for that matter, vice versa -- Ava may have led a privileged life, but it was devoid of love, or at least warmth. I was very happy with the HEA. So now I have to go get the rest of the Wild Riders at some point, so I can become familiar with all the other agents mentioned at the end. Darn short stories! Lol!