Sharing Brenda - Laura Ashton I dunno... I just didn't get this one. I mean sure, she has a friend who's in an active polyamorous relationship, but does that make everyone around her decide that's for them, too? And does every girl in this town have trouble picking between two guys? I think the thing that sort of ruined it for me was that the day after the three of them got together for the first time, she calls one of them because her scoundrel hubs is contesting the annulment, and just before they get off the phone, he says, "Well i guess I can say it now. I love you." Really? They've known each other for what feels like less than a week, and they're spouting the 'l' word? I realize that some people believe in love at first sight, but I think even those people attempt to take it slowly in case they're mistaking it for that other 'l' word. Plus, this series seems to have one of my major pet peeves -- poor editing. I'm beginning to think it's the genre.