Her Sanctuary - P.Q. Glisson I'm going to agree with what several others have said about this book already. While I enjoyed the overall story, I had trouble with Shannon falling for Seth so quickly based on her history, but I suppose it was necessary to understand how much she meant to him when she was kidnapped and vice versa. And while I love good sex scenes in my stories, it tended to get to be too much, especially at the end. They had Joseph restrained (temporarily) and I think there were two or three more times they messed around before he got loose. And nothing really happened in between... it just felt like it went from sex scene to sex scene to sex scene. I think even in the beginning it was a bit much, however I think that's likely how soulmates would behave when they've first met. But him picking her up every time he wanted to mess around with her got a bit old, too. At first it was sweet, but he was constantly carrying her around.

Aside from the story, I also had trouble with the editing, as another reviewer mentioned. Word choice (i.e. heal instead of heel when speaking of a stiletto), misspellings (baulk is not a word, but balk is), funky punctuation (missing quotes, so you don't know for a few words that someone started/stopped speaking), the mixing of dialogue from different people within the same paragraph... It detracts from the story if I have to think about what I'm reading... to make sense of it.

One other thing I had a problem with was the shifting point of view. Sometimes it shifted within the same paragraph, so it was confusing trying to figure out who was doing/thinking what. There was a point where Irene and Shannon were talking and the point of view shifted, but you weren't certain because either one could be "she".

So, for a first book, I'd say it's pretty good. It's a nice story with a good HEA, which I always love. I'm not mad that I bought and read it. :-)