Spare Dick - Sarina Wilde This was a sexy, if fast-moving, story. Jill and Kevin were high school sweethearts and got married. They try to keep things new and exciting in the bedroom, and their latest idea is to bring a third into the bedroom for a night, but Jill wants to make sure it's nobody they know. Kevin, being a cop, is totally not down with the stranger part. He's all tense, and when his new partner of a month, Adam, asks him what's up, Kevin spills. The third has to both screw Kevin's wife and give Kevin a blowjob. Turns out, Adam's had a hard-on (literally) for both Kevin and his wife... Kevin since he laid eyes on him and Jill since he saw Kevin talking to her outside the station one day. So he offers. And they sort of trick Jill into believing Adam is a stranger. I'm sure you can figure out where this goes.

Like I said, this was a fast-moving story. Once Kevin and Adam sort of seal the deal, Adam and Kevin get kinda closer than they've ever been, though not much really happens. But it seems kinda fast considering Kevin didn't know Adam swung that way and heck, Kevin wasn't even sure he swung that way. And then commitments are implied and ultimately the 'l' word is thrown around. Considering Jill and Kevin have been an exclusive, monogamous couple since high school, it just seems like it might take them a bit longer to include someone else in their love. Someone can be part of the relationship, sure, but love? Just seems like that, or at least the verbalization of it, should take longer.

Besides that, though, it was a very steamy story with a nice HFN.