No Choice - Adrianna Dane This was definitely on the shorter end of the spectrum, and it almost had the feel that I'd picked up the story mid-stream. Ginnie dated both Mason and Derrick. She dated Mason at Derrick's suggestion, and while she'd already been in love with Derrick, her feelings for Mason became super strong as well. She was afraid she'd have to choose between them, so she chose to not have either of them and move away. It's now several years later and her car has broken down in front of their shop. They have a reunion that turns into a realization that Derrick and Mason were a couple. They'd never gotten over Ginnie, but they had each other. And they were more than happy to let Ginnie back into their lives.

It was sweet, but very short. Steamy, though since it was so short it was hard to really "feel" how Ginnie felt for them. Still, worth the read.