The Driver's Seat - Casea Major This was really cute. Belenda, an attorney who has had a horrific week, is on her way for some R&R in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, when her car breaks down. The tow truck driver is kinda hunky, but Belenda sort of dismisses him because she knows her domineering father wouldn't approve. But "Pete" sort of sees something in her and after she sasses him several times, suggests she needs a spanking. She outwardly balks, but inwardly purrs. Which drives her bananas, lol. He suggests she stay in town since the ice storm is getting worse, but she insists she needs to get to the resort. He lets her go with a warning: if he has to pull her out of a ditch, she will submit to a spanking.

So guess what happens? And it turns out he's not actually Pete, but Jack. Pete is his cousin and he's helping Pete out. Since there's no room at the B&B in town, Jack takes her to his home... a home that Belenda never would have imagined. Clearly, Jack is not a mechanic and enjoys the finer things in life. But Jack has a secret, one that could jeopardize this wonderful new thing he's discovered with Belenda.

Ultimately, it was sexy, it was sweet, and a nice HEA. The author kinda ruined it for me though, lol. She said Jack was a Matthew McConaughey with broader shoulders, and with how he spoke, that's all I could picture. He's creepy to me these days, lmao!! BUT this Jack was incredibly sweet. So I dealt.