Just What She Wants - Barbara Elsborg More great, damaged characters from Ms. Elsborg who are just perfect together. And it's another 1 Nigh Stand story, so we know they're more or less fated to be together.

Marc and Kyle have been running Heden, a hedonistic resort in Orlando, for several months. Kyle was injured in an accident, but I don't think we really learn the full extent of his injuries. The worst one seems to be inside his head anyway. Marc and Kyle are a couple, but feel incomplete.

Indie's friend tricked her into traveling from London to Orlando for the holidays. I say tricked because her friend was supposed to go with her, but said friend never had any intention of that. Indie had NO idea Heden was a no-holds-barred resort and freaked a little when she found out. She freaked a little more when she realized that the hunky Marc and Kyle were interested in her.

Their coming together was very sexy as well as sweet and filled with Ms. Elsborg's signature humor.