Daddy's Favorites: Clara - Selena Kitt A short story between step-daughter and step-father. Though really, her mom had been gone for four years I think? So it was almost just two people living with one another. I'm not sure Harold every really had fatherly feelings for Clara.

When Clara's mom left, Harold gave Clara the option of staying with him. Clara already had a crush on Harold, so she stayed. Nothing really happened between them until Clara's senior year of high school. She wasn't interested in boys her age, so people at school started teasing her for being gay. One day, they filled her locker with dildos, and Clara got sent to the principal's office and her "father" called.

After this, Harold asked Clara if she was gay. And she showed him in no uncertain terms that she's not.

I have to say that my favorite part was when Harold wouldn't accept Clara just "allowing" him to screw her... he wanted to make sure she knew she was supposed to enjoy it as well. Good guy, Harold. :-)