Letters to the Baumgartners - Selena Kitt Even though the Baumgartners didn't make an appearance, Dani took up the torch and ran with it!

I thought it was a little quick to fall in love with Nico or for him to fall in love with her, but then maybe the time frame just wasn't clear. And I wonder why Mason's domestic violence wasn't brought up at all in this one. It was just one instance, but still, he lost his cool in [b:The Baumgartners Plus One|10344265|The Baumgartners Plus One (Baumgartners, #0.5)|Selena Kitt|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/513vg3mjZUL._SL75_.jpg|15247023]. But generally, as expected with a Selena Kitt story, there was smoking hot sex scenes as well as a really nice story as a backdrop. Makes me want to visit Italy! I'm glad Dani got her HEA. The story wasn't disappointing in the least, and I swear these Baumgartner stories get better and better as they come out.

The copy I got (from Fictionwise) didn't have a real break between some scenes, which made some parts a bit confusing, and then there were several word choice issues that probably just one more read by someone else would have picked up. (Pick me! Pick me! Lol!) But generally an enjoyable read.