Sweet Magik - Penny Watson Another fun installment with the Klaus clan. This time it was bad boy Oskar's turn to fall, and he picked someone completely outside the norm for him. He normally hung out with and attracted beautiful, willowy supermodel-types, but he'd been left feeling unfulfilled. At his brother's New Year's Eve party, he meets Kiana, who is trying so very hard to be in the background, a wallflower. But something about her draws Kiana. She had a bad experience with a "bad boy, so she tries so hard to resist him.

Meanwhile, back in Glasdorf, a pissed off elf is causing trouble, making Oskar return to Glasdorf before he's ready. And Kiana accidentally hitches a ride.

Their relationship was sweet. So was that of Lys and Ingo. Definitely smut lite, but a great holiday read. I can't wait for the next one! Looks like Sven will fall next!