Whose Bride Is She Anyway? - Dakota Cassidy This was really cute. It felt a little slow to start, but at the same time, when I wasn't reading the book, my mind was trying to fill in the blanks of what was going to happen. I was kinda hooked from the start, even though it was initially slow going.

I loved August and Tara both. I got tired of Tara feeling guilty about why she was there, but it kind of showed she couldn't be cold-hearted like Kelsey -- it just wasn't in her. And I was glad that August was able to see that his high school crush was just that -- high school. He'd changed a lot, but Kelsey appeared to have not changed one bit, except for being heavier. Which made me giggle. :-) And August and Tara were on fire together, it was so sweet! And hot. ;-)

I thought it all cleared up at the end almost too tidily, but it was nice to see who had a hand in what happening. And there was a lot of humor, which I love with my smut. Toward the end, the [paraphrased] comment is made "I love you more than my tuba." Ha!

This was my first Dakota Cassidy, and it won't be my last.