My Secretary, Her Fantasy - Eve Langlais I was hoping we'd get to "the goal" in this one, but there will apparently be at least one more. This one was more about pushing Grant's boundaries even further. Isabel tells Grant that he can't come over on the night it's normally understood is his. He gets suspicious, stakes out her house, and ends up following her to her destination, which ends up being a BDSM club. Isabel is shocked he followed her, but decides to take advantage, to show him more of what she wants from him. Things get interesting from there since Grant hasn't been trained in true M/s behavior. Punishments are doled out, people get their jollies, and Isabel is able to get Grant past one more barrier. But still "the goal" has not been reached. Isabel gets one fantasy fulfilled in this book and sets up the second one right at the end. But neither of these is "the goal". It was interesting. Maybe I'm just losing interest in Grant. I think I prefer my men alpha. Grant seems so needy and clingy. Isabel seems cruel at times. I'm not into humiliating your partner, but Isabel seems to relish in it as a way to break down Grant's defenses. But I'll still have to read the next one, because I want to see how it all works out. I'm curious like that, lol!