Broken Hart - Ella Fox This was a decent story. A bit trite in places, but generally good. It was sweet to see Dante and Sabrina's friendship grow before turning physical. I got a little tired of Dante flying off the handle with jealousy and then telling Sabrina he could never have a real relationship with her. But I was glad that Sabrina ultimately decided to stand up for what she knew they could have.

One thing that didn't make sense to me from the start: this girl and her sister are the product of wealthy parents. Why would she become Dante's executive assistant as opposed to being an executive herself? That part just didn't seem realistic to me considering how she was brought up.

I really hope Ms. Fox has retained a copy editor by now. There was constant flipping of tenses, misused punctuation, some misused words. Besides the tense flipping, it wasn't too bad, but it could definitely use a working over.