Hard Evidence - Pamela Clare

In this one, the story starts out with Tessa witnessing the murder of a young Hispanic female. She saw the shooter was wearing a black leather jacket, but he was in a car, so she didn't get a good look at him. While police are questioning her, she sees a man in a black leather jacket in the crowd watching her and immediately thinks he's the killer. But he's Julian, an FBI agent tracking down a Russian crime boss who had a hand in this murder. Tessa, being a journalist, is intent on avenging the young woman's death and starts delving into who she was, where she came from, etc, which tweaks Julian's protective instincts because he knows what these people do. Plus, he's extremely attracted to her (even if he doesn't want to admit it). And vice versa. And when Tessa prints information that puts her on the hit lists of many local organizations, Julian personally takes over her protection, which puts them in close proximity. Of course, they can't deny their attraction under those circumstances.


I thought it was sweet how Julian, who pretty much thought he could never love someone, was so blindsided by Tessa. I really enjoyed how smart Tessa was in her own right, though going after a crime boss might not have been her smartest move. Nice HEA for two people with troubled pasts who found love with each other.