How to Love - Kelly Jamieson

This was sweet. Mike and Carlos are an established couple, though they don't go out of their way to announce it. They're new to the area and have moved in next door to Jules. Jules is very open about her sexuality. She has lots of dalliances, but no relationships -- at her own insistence. She and Mike are attracted to each other, so they start dating without her knowing Mike and Carlos are in a committed relationship. Mike and Carlos have always wanted to bring a woman into their relationship, but past attempts have failed miserably. They think Jules might be the one, but her "no relationships" rule sort of makes that difficult. So does her past experience with threesomes -- she'd been involved in one where bringing in the third ended what she thought was solid. She doesn't ever want to be that wedge in a relationship, so she approaches Mike and Carlos' suggestion of a threesome with trepidation. She agrees, thinking they're totally on board with her "it's all fun" attitude. Until they get too close and she freaks out.


I liked how compatible they all were... they each brought something just a little bit different to the relationship and they complimented each other well. And I liked how the guys helped Jules learn to love since she didn't think she was capable. There was definitely steam in this one, and while I don't like a long, unnecessarily drawn out sex scene, sometimes these ended too abruptly. But it was still a nice story with a nice heat level.