Binding Agreement - Kyra Davis So here we are at the end of the trilogy. I felt like Kasie was losing herself. I don't think I've ever wanted the power Kasie was able to wield through her relationship with Robert. At first, she seemed to revel in it, and I wondered how she was able to rationalize everything to herself. And finally she realized she couldn't.

If we thought Tom was an anomaly, we're proven dead wrong. I can't imagine how Robert was able to accomplish everything he did on her behalf. And while it was sweet, in a sadistic way, I totally understood how Kasie reacted. And wow, was she strong to do what she did. She basically ripped her heart from her chest to do it... mine, too! And she uprooted her life, just to get back to who she wanted to be, regardless of what anyone else -- Robert, Dave, her parents -- wanted her to be.

And we see Kasie start to rebuild her life. On her own. And become strong in her own right. So when Robert reappears and she can see that he's actually changing, willing to try things her way, it works for both of them.

I kinda wish we'd had more... see them in a few years, see if Robert has become a more benevolent dictator, see how Kasie has helped Robert become human again. But I trust it happened.

The overall trilogy was a great story. I loved that Kasie truly found herself and she found someone who was worth of her as well. She went through a bit of hell, but came out stronger on the other side.