The Stranger - Kyra Davis I am really glad I had all of these to read back to back. I think I might have freaked out a little bit with how this first one ended.

Kasie has always lived her life within the lines. She's been with the same, respectable man for six years, working the same respectable job. They're going to get married, it's just a matter of logistics. But not love. Mutual respect and companionship, yes, but not love.

Kasie's best friend has dragged her to Vegas for a fling. Simone sees what Kasie doesn't want to -- that Dave is not the man for Kasie, and that Kasie stifles herself to be what she thinks her parents and everyone else need her to be. Vegas is where Kasie meets Mr. Dade and there's instant chemistry.

And as with most Vegas stories, what happens in Vegas never really stays in Vegas. Mr. Dade -- Robert -- has tracked Kasie down and has hired her company to do work for his, but only if she leads the team. This leads to speculation about how Kasie knows Mr. Dade, because Kasie has not risen through the ranks sufficiently to warrant this position. She's definitely qualified, but leading this team would normally go to someone else. And her close proximity to Robert and their business gives them plenty of opportunities to further explore this connection, no matter how badly Kasie wants to shut it down. Not because she doesn't want it, but because she shouldn't want it.

And then the shit hits the fan...

At this point, it's very intriguing to see Kasie fighting so hard against what she really wants. On the one hand, I can understand her wanting to be loyal to her boyfriend, though she must see it would never really work between them. And I understand her need to not be her sister, but I think by now she's proven she's not. She's still trying to live a life beyond reproach, and as Simone said, not really living as a result. Robert tries to show her this, but like Dave, he's a bit pushy when it comes to his own plans for Kasie. And yet I felt like Robert had Kasie's best interests in mind, where Dave only had his own. Not to say Robert wasn't selfish, it was just a happy coincidence that Robert and Kasie wanted more or less the same things.

This story is really well written, IMO. So well written that when there was a wording issue, it was that much more jarring. Thankfully there were only a couple such issues. But it was interesting when something that seemed so insignificant would be included and then brought up later in another context. Nice style of writing.