Ever After - Marguerite Gavin, Kim Harrison This was a satisfying story, but what I really hoped would happen only really happened in the last half hour of the audio! I don't care if she thinks he's not "meant" for her. I want him meant for her!!! :-)

But I do love in these stories that Rachel is constantly in peril (poor girl... she needs a real vacation!) and is constantly stretching her capabilities and constantly surprising the demons (and herself) with what she is able to accomplish.

I also love that she sticks by her convictions and that Trent actually respects her, and even depends on her, for that.

I thought Kusox and Nick both got what they deserve (though one maybe more than the other), but their disposition makes me wonder what the future holds for Rachel... if it might cause future problems.

Anyway, another great installment, and now we wait for the next one. Again. :-)