Reaper's Property  - Joanna Wylde Okay... so... This is probably closer to 4-1/2 for me, but there are no half stars. I have no idea if this is what biker life is really like. There are lots of positive aspects to it: the brotherhood and taking care of each other, taking care of their women, what seems like a kind of freedom. And I can understand, if this really happens, why veterans would be drawn to it, based on Horse's description of his own involvement after coming back from war. But other aspects of it: some shady intimidation practices, potentially illegal activity, how they treat the "sweet butts". Those aspects I could do without. I think I'm a lot like Marie in that.

Marie's brother, Jeff, is a genius, but he's wasting his life on video games and pot. For some reason, he's decided he wants to work for the Reapers MC, so some of them come to the house. He and Marie are living in their mom's trailer while her mom is in jail. Marie only recently moved in after her husband backhanded her over an argument involving his infidelity. So Marie meets the Reapers with a healing bruise on her face, which doesn't really sit well with any of the Reapers, but Horse particularly.

Horse, so nicknamed because he's hung like one, has a thing for Marie. She has a thing for him, too, but he's a little scary. And then so incredibly gentle. And then an asshole. And then sweet again. And while I'm sure it wasn't any fun for Horse, it kinda cracked me up how often she'd leave him with blue balls. And I loved that he took care of her ex enough that he never bothered her again.

But Jeff is an idiot and is trying to play games with the Reapers, games they won't and can't tolerate. And rather than just outright kill him, because Horse knows how much Marie loves Jeff, Horse pays Jeff's debt to the club in return for taking Marie and giving Jeff a chance to pay them back. Which really just gives Jeff time to dig his own hole much deeper.

And so begins a weird game between Horse and Marie. Really, the games all seemed to be on Horse's end. Marie had no idea what was going on. That was partially because she couldn't -- club business and all -- and partially because I think Horse couldn't figure out how to approach her. He definitely made lots of mistakes (what the hell... it wasn't even her idea to go out for ladies night and you're going to get a lap dance?), and I don't blame Marie for resisting trusting Horse. But he was so sweet and ultimately won her over.

One thing that was a little strange was that people would tell her that Horse loved her, he might think it, she definitely mentions her love for him in her thoughts, but nobody said it until the epilogue. (I {heart} epilogues!)

I did love the badass that Marie was sort of forced to become. She was pretty naive about a lot of things, but she was a quick learner and took the right actions when it mattered. And Horse, when he wasn't being a dick, was really sweet.

I think I'm going to have to go check out this author's other stories. I think this one might stick with me for a while.