Overheard - Maya Banks Luke and Gracie are close friends. They are part of a group of five (or seven?) who hang out often together. Gracie has bad taste in men, but she's never seriously considered Luke or Wes, the other single guy in the group, to be potential date material. Sure, they're hot, but they're all just friends.

After Gracie breaks up with her latest mistake, Luke overhears her talking to their friend Michelle about why and about her fantasies. Luke is totally on board with helping her fulfill them since they're so in tune with his own. So begins a process of Luke winning Gracie over. And setting up a weekend of mild domination and menage (with Wes).

I feel like this was a little bit insta-love because they really only spent a week together in a romantic capacity before declaring love. At the same time, they'd been close friends for so long, they already loved each other as friends. I guess it's not too much of a stretch for those feelings to turn to romantic love over the course of a week. It still felt a little too soon.

And honestly, if I had been Gracie, and overhearing Wes and Luke talking, I'd have probably jumped to the same conclusions she did. Luke didn't really feel like a very deep character to me based on what I read. He could have just been in it for the sex. So I get where she was confused!

Ultimately, an HEA though, so it's all good.