Erica's Choice - Sami Lee This was an interesting setup. Girl thinks she's dying, so she goes to a local bar to basically throw herself at two guys she's been ogling for months. Only she's not the type to throw herself at men. Good thing the men had noticed her, or it's likely nobody would have done anything, lol!

Corey has been attracted to Erica, and when he sees her sitting alone, reading a book, he decides he has to talk to her. But he's shy, so his friend, Griff, pretends he's going to make a play for her as a way to get Corey to go talk to her. But once Griff starts talking to her, he realizes he wants Erica as well. Plus, he's had secret feelings for Corey for years that he's never acted on. So when Griff mentions a threesome to Erica (while Corey is off getting more drinks) and Erica's eyes light up, it seems the perfect situation. Erica figures this will be a one-time deal (she has some self esteem issues), Griff thinks it can be just about the sex, but Corey has other ideas. And once Corey and Griff get close via Erica, Corey recognizes that he's feeling something more for Griff.

Both Erica and Griff try so very hard to keep it just about sex. Erica believes she's bringing Corey and Griff together so they can be happy as a couple after she's gone. (Though she still hasn't told them anything is wrong.) Griff thinks he's bringing Corey and Erica together so they will be happy as a couple. Griff had tried a threesome before and ended up odd man out, so he was trying so hard to keep his feelings out of it.

This story was full of angst. With Erica and her health issues. With Corey and wondering whether he'd end up with anybody. With Griff and his position within the threesome, compared to how the last relationship like this went. But it was good. And the sex was steamy. Ends in an HEA, which always makes me a happy girl.