First Do No Evil  - Carey Baldwin This was a group read or I might not have picked it up. Another Samhain with very little (but some) sex, yet still a really great, suspenseful story.

This is the story of Sky, a family doctor with a big heart, and Danny, the cop she meets at the very beginning of the story. Sky is meeting her brother and fiance early morning at a favorite coffee shop, and Daniel shows up before the brother and fiance and starts flirting. And then finds out about the fiance and backs off. But during that visit to the coffee shop, the shop is robbed, Sky's fiance is killed, and Danny would have died if not for Sky's medical attention.

Months later, Danny comes back to Sky asking about the robbery. Something doesn't sit right with him. When he finds out her father was killed fifteen years ago to the day, he thinks there must be some connection. And Danny inadvertently puts a target on himself with his obvious interest in Sky... and his unwillingness to let the robbery go.

We learn who the monster is early on in the story. Amazing how he could be so charming one moment and completely heartless the next, but I suppose that's the hallmark of a sociopath. And while I understood his warped logic, obviously his methods left a bit to be desired. And while we knew who the villain was, what he would do next was anybody's guess. Except him, I guess.

I have to say, I'm glad my Kindle has a built-in dictionary. This was NOT fourth grade level, lol. And hey, I learned lots of new words! Kudos to Carey Baldwin for the huge vocabulary! ;-)

This book kept me so on edge, wondering where the story would go, where it would ultimately end... and great characters in Danny and Sky. While I was sad Sky's fiance had to die -- though he turned out to be a douche -- I was glad Danny and Sky found each other. Great couple.