Twister - Lexxie Couper I expected to enjoy this and I was not let down. I expected this to be a feel-good story, and I was not let down, but my heart was breaking halfways through!! I was not expecting that!

Lachlan is Lilly's half-brother. He's a media magnate, extremely responsible and overprotective of his 25-year-old sister, and he has a strict "no models" rule -- with good reason. Lilly is having her Party Games party, the same one that's started the first two books. And Lilly, a model, invited a photographer friend, Cam. Cam is half in love with Lachlan, without ever having met him, just from talking about him with Lilly. Lilly doesn't know she's sort of set up this attraction, but Cam is drawn to him and hopes to meet him at the party. She's normally extremely reclusive and shuns crowds, but she really wants to meet Lachlan. Before the party, she meets him while parking her car -- she actually takes the spot he thinks he's going to get. So he's not too happy. But when he sees her, he thinks she's the model of his teenage fantasies, Kole. Which she denies. Because she's not really... at least not anymore. She left that persona behind a long time ago after leaving modeling herself, after a really bad experience.

Well... chemistry doesn't lie and they really can't resist each other. Even after Lachlan is a total dick, somehow he shows the self that Cam thinks is so attractive. But of course there has to be conflict, and there is real conflict. Like I said, my heart was breaking for them. Well, really, for her. It all works out in the end, and we're treated to lots of lovely necking and orgasms and whatnot along the way.

Ultimately a satisfying chapter in this story. I can't wait to see what's up with Lilly and Mac!!