The World Is a Stage - Tamara Morgan First off, DISCLAIMER: this is from Samhain but there is NO explicit sex in this book. There is a certain expectation of a Samhain story, and this is the second Samhain story I've read where there's been no sex. That's not to say the characters don't have sex -- they do -- but we don't get to follow along with them. Pity, that.

That said, I really enjoyed this book. First off, a Scottish Highland Games competitor slash lentil farmer? How the heck did the author come up with that combo? And Michael has a heart of gold (and abs of steel and thighs like tree trunks... and apparently a previously unknown thespian flair). The wacky occupations actually fit him to a tee. Probably a slightly stretched one since he was so brawny.

Michael has been tasked with occupying Rachel so she doesn't notice the budding relationship between his friend Eric and her sister Molly. Rachel is a tad (that's an understatement) over-protective of her sister, who has had some bad luck in relationships in the past. Rachel takes one look at Eric and knows -- just KNOWS -- he's trouble. So Eric convinces the big hearted Michael to just distract her. And he does this with aplomb.

Not that she's totally distracted. She still does what she does and gets her nose into it, but at the same time, the banter between Rachel -- who spews venom -- and Michael -- who spews dirty limericks -- is just hilarious. And over time, they start to get to know each other, and Michael starts to see through to who she really is as opposed to what she shows the rest of the world out of a sense of self-preservation. And she starts to recognize that Michael is not at all what she first thought.

Rachel learns a really tough lesson, but she does it with poise and learns to be humble and contrite. Even though I didn't get the nookie I expected, it was still a great story. Now I have to go back and read #1 since I totally forgot this was a #2, lol. (And BTW, Samhain has these great disclaimers... maybe they need to warn us if there's NOT sex in the story, lol!)