Office Affair - Jess Dee Jess Dee sure does know how to write a steamy romance. First off, it took me a while to realize this was Ben from Island Idyll, but I'm glad I read Island Idyll so I had a little bit of background on how Ben was feeling.

This started out with Melissa seducing her co-worker Ben on a night they were both working late. She'd had a crush on him for years. But Ben had been engaged. And after his engagement fell through, he relocated to work in her office, and her crush ratcheted up a bit. So they're both very talented, extremely driven investment bankers. And Ben has been "not Ben" since he moved to her office. She thinks he needs to get laid. She doesn't know he's been having casual threesomes with his good friend, Will. Not emotionally fulfilling, but it takes the edge off. Melissa is very persistent, and Ben caves, and one taste isn't enough. But Will, who works in the building across from them, had a front row seat for the first time. And when Ben tells Melissa this, it turns her on, and they play exhibitionist to Will's voyeur several times.

In Island Idyll, Ben followed his ex-fiance Sienna to Bandicoot Cove. He plans to win her back, but doesn't realize she's already fallen for a guy she used to know. Thinking he would win in a competition with the other guy because of his history with her, he suggests a threesome. And then Sienna chooses the other guy. Which crushed Ben. Ben knows Melissa finds the idea of a threesome arousing, so he sets it up with Will, even though he knows the psychological fallout from his threesome with Sienna caused him lots of trouble the first time. Could he really share Melissa, who he's fallen in love with, with Will? He will if that's what she wants.

And then things briefly take a turn for the better, and then the worse.

While I've told a bit of the story above, how it ends is ultimately the best part of the book. Plus, you get some really hot, juicy sex scenes along the way. Ben and Melissa are explosive together. And Ben trying to get Melissa to see how she can truly be happy (she's just sort of been existing) is so great. How Ben turned what was supposed to be "no strings" into a torrid love affair was also great. And I loved the ending, though I would have LOVED an epilogue. Sometimes I want an epilogue because I didn't get enough story, but in this case, it's because I want to know where they ultimately go. I'm hoping we'll get a story about Will where this couple plays a small part.