Impact - Cassandra Carr This was OK. It was a group read. It seemed sort of repetitive, and it really bugged me that he kept saying over and over "I can't have this relationship because I can't be who I really am on the road... it could ruin my career... blah blah blah". And then he'd turn around and become all possessive of Jessica again. At the beginning, there was mention of Conner sharing women with his friend Brady, but then absolutely nothing happened with that. I mean what was the point of mentioning it? Conner never even had the THOUGHT of sharing Jessica with Brady. Also, the whole "educating Brady about BDSM" was sort of superfluous. I don't think the next book has anything to do with BDSM, so them talking about it just seemed out of place, except for the fact that it was the reason Conner was all kerfluffled about Jessica. I definitely didn't hate it, I just didn't love it.