Delicate Freakn' Flower - Eve Langlais I love Ms. Langlais' humor. And her female characters. They are all kick-ass, take-no-prisoners strong, but melt when the right man comes along. Such was the case with Naomi. She's a wolf shifter, and because of the chaos in which she was raised (her brothers constantly brawl and tear up the house), she wants to marry a human and have a nice, "calm" existence.

But fate has different plans. She goes to a lacrosse game with her best friend (she doesn't like lacrosse), and gets pegged in the face with the ball by a bear shifter (accidentally, of course). The bear was off-kilter because his bear recognized her as his mate. Then, when he goes to apologize (and hopefully claim his mate) with his best friend, his best friend's jaguar recognizes her as his mate, too! Good thing Ethan and Javier had shared in the past, so it wasn't completely awkward! But Naomi wants nothing to do with either of them -- no matter how much her inner wolf craves them.

She fights it very hard, but they worm their way into her heart. And along the way, a few well-placed threats give them cause to keep her near. Ultimately a very cute story about her acceptance and love of her mates and their absolutely pure love for her.

There were a bunch of editing issues in this one, which surprised me, because I don't remember that in other stories I've read by this author. So be forewarned if it's a problem for you. Unfortunately, I can't turn off my inner red pencil. :-/ BUT it was a good, fun story with good humor, so I'll definitely read the next one.