Tropical Sin - Lexxie Couper I enjoyed this one. First, we have McKenzie, who is a gossip journalist but doesn't want to be. Then we have the guy who has been her best friend since they were 14... her constant companion, but it's always been platonic. And we have Nick Blackthorne, said rock star, who had just resurfaced after rumors of being in a sex clinic due to his inability to stop having sex with men. Boy what a wrong rumor THAT was! I suppose there was a tiny grain of truth -- he HAD been at the clinic and someone was being "treated" for bi-sexuality... it just wasn't him.

So anyway, Nick has had a bunch of crap happen in his life lately, but Mack's laugh somehow snaps him out of his stupor. And when she sees Mack and Aidan together, their love for each other as clear as anything to him, he begins to believe that he might be able to live again after the hell he's been through. But Mack and Aidan don't recognize the love from each other. But gentle prodding from Nick helps Aidan go and tell Mack how he feels. And after their explosive first time, Nick shows up and wants to be a part of it.

To me, that was the only sort of "off" part of the story. I just can't believe that JUST as Aidan and Mack have disclosed how they feel about each other, either one of them would want someone else to be part of it. But I suppose maybe that's the rock star intrigue? Who wouldn't want the world's most famous, sexiest rock star ask to have a threesome with you and your best-friend-JUST-turned-lover? Anyway, I loved the way it worked out. How Nick backed off after a certain point. One thing I would have LOVED to see with this one was an epilogue. I expect everything would work out just fine, it would just be nice to see how well it worked out, you know?