Paradise Found - Vivian Arend There must be something in the air at Bandicoot Cove. Well, I guess this one didn't have anything to do with letting inhibitions go, because Paige has been carrying on with Mason and Trent for a year. But at Bandicoot Cove, she's going to give everything she has for her last weekend with them in Australia before she returns to Canada. She doesn't realize that Mason and Trent have turned a corner in their relationship just as she has... they've fallen in love, but each party thinks the other is just in it for fun. Mason and Trent plan to ask Paige to make things more permanent, but before they can, Paige learns something that makes her think they plan to just cast her aside.

So, while I enjoyed this story in a general sense, I think I didn't get a good enough feel for the characters' longing for each other. The fire, the passion. Sure, they all had sex together -- what's a menage story without that? I just didn't really feel much between the characters beyond that.