Rocky Mountain Desire - Vivian Arend My only problem with this book is that the whole Helen thing wasn't resolved. Is she going to come back and cause problems later? Because I don't see her giving up. She was a major biotch! How she thought she could just come back to town and pick up where she left off with everything? And I mean everything? Like nobody had been inconvenienced or hurt when she decided Rocky Mountain House was the bane of her existence? It seems like she's been a selfish bitch all her life, with how she accused Hope of being the spoiled one. Maybe if Helen had taken an interest in anything but herself, their mom would have given her some stuff, too! Ugh, I don't like that woman. But I guess I'm not supposed to, lol! I have to half wonder if she's mentally imbalanced with some of the things she did, things she said, even before this book.

I was very happy with the pacing of this book. I thought it made sense for Matt to sort of try to back off, and yet not really back off. (Example: him following her after she left his home in the snow and getting stuck in a snow bank.) And I could understand why Hope thought it would never work. I thought Matt did a great job of making Hope feel comfortable that she was not a replacement for Helen, that he was not thinking of Helen when he was with her. And I loved how Matt handled Helen when she kept coming on to him. And I have to hand it to Hope for being so strong to carry on with her plans even after her sister bailed. I'm glad Hope structured things the way she did, ensuring Helen couldn't even try to get a part of what Hope had built. And I'm not sure what it is with the women and the Coleman boys... they're all insistent on keeping the sex out of it for a while so they can really get close without the physical intimacy first! Well, with Jaxi, that was Blake's idea, but she went along with it. :-)

Anyway, another good installment to the series. Will be interesting to see who will fall next and how.