Western Ties - Mari Carr What a great ending to the series. I really liked how Sawyer and Leah "re-met" at the beginning. Of all the places in the world to find each other again, a BDSM party in a totally different city from where either of them reside? And I really liked that Leah had been friends with Sawyer for so long, and Sawyer had wanted her even then, but knew he needed to grow up before doing anything with Leah. So it was very sweet and sexy when they did finally get together. I think the BDSM party helped, too, because Sawyer realized he didn't need to treat Leah with kid gloves... she craved what he could give her. He probably never would have taken their relationship somewhere else without finding that out first. Or if he did, it would be unsatisfying for them both.

Of course, this one was sad as well. We knew from the first book that JD would pass, and it was just as sad as I expected it to be. Good thing I was the only one left awake in my house while finishing this up because I had tears rolling down my cheeks. Rolling! This is a fictional character in a book, and I was so sad for him and his family that such a horrible disease took him away from them. He definitely raised four great men, so in that respect, he was very successful.

I'm almost sad that the series is at an end, but of course, it would have to be. This was the perfect ending.