Heart Signs - Cari Quinn Cari Quinn writes such great characters. Both Rory and Sam were damaged in their own ways. Rory's damage had to do with previously being overweight (so some self-esteem issues) and never really giving relationships a chance. She had hookups, but never anything where her heart was truly involved. And then Sam had made mistakes in his marriage and had been pining for his estranged wife for two years before she passed away. During those two years, he wrote her love notes on a billboard every quarter, trying to make amends. The billboard orders were placed through Rory. When Rory realized his wife had died, she reached out to him to offer condolences. And something clicked.

But neither one was sure what to do with this new "thing" between them. Sam didn't feel worthy of Rory. And for her part, Rory thought if she gave him sex, it would bring him solace in some twisted way. But Sam didn't want just sex. He saw something much bigger in Rory but was so uncertain what to do with it. Plus, he was reticent to let go of his grief and self-punishment over his lost life with his wife. He attempted to push her away several times. At a couple of points in the book, my chest hurt for what they each were going through. But when it all resolved, my heart was happy.

Each chapter began with one of Sam's letters to his wife that were never sent. It's an interesting format, to see how lost he was for two years while he's building this "something" with Rory.

Interesting story line, interesting characters, and a cute HEA. I'm a happy girl.